The Messenger | Issue 2 - 2019

Newsletter for the Palm Beach Bath & Tennis Homeowner's Association


On June 6, 2019, we had our first Board meeting in a while. There were nine homeowners present. There were several items on the agenda. (See the minutes in this issue).

We have several projects that will be going on that will enhance the look of the community. There are other things that will be done to improve the safety of the community.

We have been very lucky as far as safety goes. We did have several car break-ins although they weren’t break-ins because the doors were left unlocked. Several years ago we did have a couple of home entries.

We have had vandalism in our clubhouse. Hopefully with a new camera system in the clubhouse, we’ll be able to tell who, if anyone, is doing anything destructive. If anyone sees anything suspicious, please say something.

In May we had the entrance gates painted. The painter we hired took great pains and many days to do the job. The results are that they look great.

Have a good summer and try to stay cool.

Ed Kelly, President



The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Ed Kelly

Roll Call

Ed Kelly, Barbara Krugman, Max Jeria, Lilliam Janata, Terry Deich

Motion to select Terry Deich to be Secretary - Motion passed unanimously

Benchmark Report

No financials to date.

Violations: 28 first letters, 8 second letters and 17 third letters have been sent


New Business

  • Ed Kelly made a motion to install new cameras in clubhouse, pool area and entrance at approximate cost of $6,000. Motion passed unanimously.

  • Ed Kelly made a motion to install Medico keys at clubhouse, pool entry and walk in gate at a cost of $3,419.50. Motion did not pass with 3 opposed and key system will be tabled and researched further. Opposed was Barbara Krugman, Max Jeria and wasn’t sure was Lilliam Janata.

  • Ed Kelly made a motion to install up lighting on center island of entrance at cost of $700-$780. Motion passed unanimously.

  • Ed Kelly advised we will be updating plantings at our entrance at approximate cost of $4,000.

  • Ed Kelly advised we will be replacing broken lights on the West fountain at cost of $1,348.

  • Lilliam Janata advised of possibility of selling two pieces of property the association owns behind clubhouse, but first needs to be rezoned. She has been in discussions with the county.

  • Ed Kelly advised the call box has been updated to now accept out of area phone numbers.

Old Business

  • Repairs have been completed on spa.

  • Contract with Comcast will be renewed.

Homeowners Forum

  • Homeowner made suggestion to make back recreational area into a dog area. This would not be feasible due to documents designating area as recreational plus problems with owners not picking up after dogs

  • Homeowner suggested having a welcoming procedure for new homeowner

Ed Kelly motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:00. Seconded by Barbara Krugman.

Respectfully submitted by Terry Deich, Secretary.

These minutes are not official until approved by the Board of Directors.


Periodically the Board of Directors meet on Mondays at 11:00 AM. Our property manager is usually present at these meetings. Homeowners are welcome to attend.

Board of Directors

  • President – Ed Kelly

  • Vice President – Barbara Krugman

  • Secretary – Lilliam Janata

  • Treasurer – Max Jeria

  • Director – Terry Deich



One of our homeowners, Wendy Richardson, got married on December 9, 2018 at The Cloister on Sea Island, Georgia. Her husband is Josh Weaver. We wish them the best of luck and happiness.


Our sympathy goes to the family and friends of Michael DeMarco. Michael passed away on January 27, 2019. His death was quite sudden. Michael was a resident of Palm Beach Bath & Tennis for 22 years and was very active. He was President of the Board of Directors for many years and remained active for almost the entire time. He will be missed by those who knew him.


Call ADT (800-878-7806) to let them know you’ll be testing your alarm. Set your alarm and then open a door. You need to make sure the signal goes to ADT, even though you hear the alarm ringing.


TRASH PAILS Trash pails will be distributed by Solid Waste Authority sometime in either August or September. Starting in October, we will have to only use these for trash pickup. There will be a mailing to the entire community explaining. This is a head’s up for what’s to come. View trash pail details here.

Thank you,

PBBT Board of Directors



Debris other than palm fronds and tree branches, such as leaves, tree and hedge

trimmings, pine needles, etc. should be containerized, preferably in a garbage

can, paper lawn and refuse bags, or plastic bags. Tree branches and palm fronds

should be neatly stacked in a pile that does not exceed six (6) cubic yards. The

Yard Waste collection limit continues to be six (6) cubic yards per week, but under

the new collection contract the hauler will no longer be servicing piles that exceed

this limit. Residents are encouraged to place no more than six (6) cubic yards per

week at the curb. Tree branches placed at the curb must be cut into pieces that

are no more than six (6) feet in length, six (6) inches in diameter and weigh no

more than fifty (50) pounds each to facilitate manual loading. Palm fronds can be

any length. Piles that exceed this size will be tagged and photographed and the

information forwarded to the SWA Customer Service Department. It will be the

customer’s responsibility to arrange for the removal of the pile by either

contacting the SWA Customer Service Department or making other arrangements

to have the pile removed.



There is a website called Nextdoor that contains much information about what’s going on in our area. It might be advantageous to sign up to keep up with the current news. People from nearby neighborhood contribute information that could affect us all.

It’s a good way to communicate with your neighbors here and nearby.


Senior drivers can qualify for insurance rate reduction by taking safety course

Senior Driving Safety Course given by the Delray Alliance. Palm Beach Bath & Tennis is a member of this alliance.


The state of Florida recently approved a newly created Alliance of Delray Residential

Associations Mature Driver/Senior Citizen Driver Course for drivers age 55 and older. The Alliance works on traffic issues in the community to make roadways safer and addresses residential and commercial development density to influence roadway design and expedite traffic signal installation. A state statute says insurance companies may reduce premiums for drivers age 55 and older if they successfully complete a motor vehicle accident prevention course approved by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles such as the course being offered by the Alliance. “The Senior Citizen Safe Driver Course will be completed at a one-time session and presented during a morning and portion of an afternoon,” said course creator Joel Vinikoor. “At our May 1, 2019 general meeting, we began to sign up communities who want the course given in their clubhouses. All attendees who are residents of an Alliance member community will enjoy a discounted fee of $10; $15 for others.” The Alliance formed a Motor Vehicle Safety Committee two years ago to create a course syllabus, manual and discussion material. Three West Boca Toastmasters members who are proficient in public speaking comprise the Alliance Education Committee and will be leading the sessions. They include Vinikoor, John Gentithes, the Alliance president’s assistant with a history of working for a Fortune 500 company educating workers with commercial driver’s licenses, and Paul Finkelstein, Alliance director licensed in investments and life, health and annuity insurance. Upon completion of the course, each attendee must pass a written test evaluating their knowledge of its content. Those who pass will be issued a certificate that can be used to earn the premium discount required by the state. Three dates for the Mature Driver Course have been scheduled for the Alliance’s general membership: Oct. 17, 2019; and Feb. 7 and 24, 2020 at the South County Civic Center, 16700 Jog Road,

in Delray Beach. These dates coincide with the Alliance’s Insurance Expo, Get to

Know PBC Expo and Nostalgic Expo, respectively.


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